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lol hia. Thanks to the brilliant staff on newgrounds =] having the great idea to let people have access to the 0 option in every submission, it breaks my heart to know people have nothing better to do than commit this act, rather than man up and explain why they're giving you 0 for the video or audio. That's why I think, newgrounds should create a fancy way of not letting people leave after they vote to explain their reasons. I've seen many talented people have their audio or video taken down off the site because of it's low rating. Quite frankly I'm debating whether or not I would continue to post my creations on this site. Not trying to sound full of myself and complaining, but I'm sure many people would agree with me and saying, why can't people just go read a book on suicide rather than waste their life on newgrounds, but I guess that makes me a hipacrit =]. Apologies for the long ass letter, cheers.